Aalto Colour WA  offers a variety of colour ranges that a customer can choose from. Consultants from the company help in making this selection easier by keeping various factors in mind such as the lighting, shape and design of the space.

A popular Aalto Colour WA colour range is the Aalto foundation range, which is used in tandem with the southern light. The Aalto original range consists of original Aalto Colour WA colours that have been hand-made by the company's experts. The Aalto evolution range includes colours that are produced by Aalto Colour WA with inputs from its clients.

The Aalto Bright range consists of colour pure saturated paints. In this range the colour black is not utilised. Aalto white range includes products associated with white and cream. Finally, Aalto Colour WA offers the Aalto precious metal range, which consists of paints that emit a metallic glow after drying.

Aalto Colour WA also offers colour cards and colour pots for customers to get a first hand view of the paint. This makes it easier for them to visualise the colour in their respective spaces.