With its versatility, aluminium is used extensively in architectural constructions, anywhere from windows and doors, curtain-walls, cladding, sun louvres, to internal fixtures.

Anodising has an important role in protecting whilst enhancing the appearance of all of these important architectural components.

Aluminium has a subtle, natural sheen, and one of the advantages of anodising is that this lustrous appearance shines through and enhances the stylish colours from Australian Aluminium Finishing’s anodising range, EverShield.

The beauty of anodising is its natural appearance and inherent resistance to the elements when specified correctly. The EverShield range is the ideal aluminium finish by Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) with a finish suited for any application including:

  • EverShield Internal – Ideal for all internal applications
  • EverShield External – Ideal for all projects not in a coastal environment
  • EverShield Coastal – Ideal for projects in coastal environments

With their controlled etching and polishing processes, Australian Aluminium Finishing can produce anodised finishes for both internal and external projects in Matt, Satin or Bright (Gloss) appearances.

Metallic hues including Silver/Greys, Yellow/Golds, Brown/Bronzes and Black are achievable allowing Australian Aluminium Finishing to produce a large range of finishes to suit one’s individuality.