Australian Aluminium Finishing recently powdercoated over 300 screens and panels for the award-winning A’Beckett Tower.  

The A’Beckett Tower recently won the Grand Prix category for “outstanding use of colour” at the 25th annual Dulux Colour Awards and is known for its iconic, sleek and vivid facade.

Australian Aluminium Finishing was required to scatter 16 different coloured powder coat finishes over the façade and powdercoat the reverse of each panel in black.

Some of the applied colours used were either standard Australian Aluminium Finishing colours such as Duratec Lunar Eclipse, or made to order Dulux colours such as Aubergine, Hunter Red, COLORBOND Manor Red and Headland, Claypot, Tuscan Gold, Doeskin, Grey Nurse, COLORBOND Wilderness and Moss Vale Sands, Cottage Green, and many more.

Substantial logistical challenges were presented with such a short time frame, but Australian Aluminium Finishing was able to complete the large-scale project on time, by September 2010.

The powder coat finishes have not only enhanced the A'Beckett Tower, but the Melbourne landscape as well.