EverShield Coastal high grade anodising finish, available from Australian Aluminium Finishing , has been recommended for coastal and monumental projects that require a lifetime finish.

The Australian coastal environment is acknowledged as one of the harshest on earth and studies have shown that salt air can significantly corrode metal on buildings up to 20km from the coast. Because of EverShield Coastal’s superior resistance to salt, pollution and other forms of corrosion, the anodising finish is recommended in both seaside and inland locations where durability and longevity are of importance.

The EverShield Coastal is a durable anodising finish. Australian Aluminium Finishing’s process controls are specifically designed for extreme environments increasing aluminium’s natural corrosion resistance by 1000 fold.

EverShield Coastal anodising finish is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays with superior colour stability and resistance to chalking. Anodising finish has been used in harsh, demanding marine and outer space environments with applications such as masts, booms and satellites where the finish needs to withstand continual environmental extremes.