A Brighter Image  distributes the Executive series model lecterns. Executive Lectern Pro has a sophisticated design with a room control system option. Different models of lecterns are available ranging from basic model to models having amplifiers, microphones and clock. A Brighter Image also provides stand alone public address systems having features like mobility, durability and simplicity.

A Brighter Image distributes wireless microphones in goose necked and hand held models which can be used in conjunction with the existing amplifier systems. A Brighter Image also supplies trolley stands of various brands like Endura, Versatrol, Image. Endura trolleys are available in different sizes and made from tough polythene. Image trolleys are basically metal trolleys. A Brighter Image also provides shelf size trolley both in large and small sizes.

Lamps and transparency films distributed by A Brighter Image can be used for overhead projectors. OHP desktops supplied by A Brighter Image are available in three models having varied brightness features. It consists of a dual lamp, folding arm, high/low brightness controls, colour fringe control and provides a quiet operation.

A Brighter Image also distributes consumer audiovisual products which include DVD, set top box, cameras and audio players. Cameras include digital as well as movie cameras and audio players comprises of CD players and MP3 players.