A Brighter Image  is an exclusive distributor of audiovisual products. A Brighter Image deals with the distribution of various products which include projection screens, projectors, LCD TV, electronic boards, mounts, interactive learning boards and many other audio visual products. A Brighter Image distributes audiovisual products of renowned brands such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Philips, Epson, Luxor, Samsung, Daewoo and many others.

A Brighter Image distributes a variety of projection screens. The manual wall projection screens are pull down screens and these are ideal for use in classrooms, boardrooms and home theatres. These screens possess the unique feature of retraction when not in use. They can be either mounted on walls or on ceilings. Motorised projection screens have a built-in motor enabling the smooth functioning of the screen. Fixed wall projection screens are ideally suitable for home theatres and has a permanently tensioned screen surface.

Various models of projectors are supplied by A Brighter Image. 16:9 projectors have a wide screen preferably suited for home cinema. This model is available as LCD and DLP. This projector provides high contrast with low brightness level.

A Brighter Image also supplies projector accessories including laser presentation pointers, lamps, lenses, mounts, lifts and cables.