12D Solutions  offer 12d model software ideal for a wide range of applications. 12d Model is modularised software with 12d Model base and additional modules for other additional benefits. 12D Solutions offers additional modules of 12d Model which includes detailed alignment design, urban drainage, volumetric and tin analysis, rivers, pipeline, sewer–waste water reticulation, digitising, survey, e survey, input and output modules, visualisation, etc.

12d Model’s detailed alignment design module has extended design capability that are available in the 12d model base and contains a special 12d model string modifier and template modifier operations which facilitates interactive design in case of complex civil situations.

Survey modules of 12d Model reduce survey data, transformations, apply adjustments, label subdivision and upload set out data. Sewer – waste water reticulation is an extension of drainage module and provides support to the design of gravity operated waste water reticulation systems.

Digitising module is used for capturing existing drawing for base data use. “Stream mode” allows fast capture of contours and strings. Filter can also be applied to capture time in order to prevent clustered points in the captured data.