12D Solutions  offers an innovative software development solution for a wide range of applications. 12D Solutions offers 12d Model which is terrain modelling, powerful surveying and civil engineering software. 12d Model from 12D Solutions allows fast productivity in various projects which includes site layouts, mapping, rail, road and highway design, environment impact studies, residential and land developments. 12d Model is a complete survey, mapping and design solution.

The base product of 12d Model from 12D Solutions consists of all necessary options which produce a digital terrain model (TIN or DTM) including contouring, fast triangulation and sectioning routines. 12d Model is graphical interactive software which is design to provide immediate feedback to the user.

The base product of 12d Model was sourced from the ground up of civil and surveying market. The 12d Model base includes various string types like 2d, 3d, 4d, pipe, interface, text, alignment and super which allows accurate civil engineering and survey modelling solution. The base of the 12d Model has the ability to do simple rail and road designs, storage ponds, building platforms, dams and canals.