According to Sustainability Awards ambassador and sustainability & engagement manager for Sekisui House’s West Village project in Brisbane, Natasha Mulcahy, this year’s awards are more important than ever.

In many ways,” says Mulcahy, who won the Women in Sustainability Award category in 2019, “this is the most important year to keep sustainability and climate change on the agenda."

"How government, business and society respond and refocus during the pandemic and into the recovery will influence the course of climate change for decades,” she says.

In term of what she is you hoping to see in this year’s entries, Mulcahy notes that,Projects and innovations that create shared value – for investors, customers, communities and future generations.”

Solutions that can be shared,” she says, and also adds, “replicated, adapted and drive broader change.”

To enter the 2020 Sustainability Awards, go to  or email [email protected]