Working as a journalist for the past 23 years, editor of Architecture and Design Branko Miletic has been privileged to write on many subjects and industries such as Government, Manufacturing, Small Business, IT, Consumer Electronics, Lifestyle, Mining, Hospitality, Packaging, Sport and Food. 

As the winner of several journalism awards and accolades over the years for such things as Editor of the Year and the Best Article of the Year, Branko has also reported from overseas on a range of social and geopolitical issues. 

Currently running the Talking Architecture and Design podcast and guiding the national Sustainability Awards, he has won praise from across the industry for his work on education and promotion of the issue of sustainability across Australia’s built industry.  


Prominent architects renew calls for energy-efficient homes
With just days to go before a review of the National Construction Code on 26 August 2022, a group of prominent Australian architects have joined the call to lift minimum energy efficiency ratings for new homes from 6 to 7 Stars.
Steel frame doors: French, sliding, black, internal & more
The first steel frame door was created in the 1800s. Since then, the designs have become more and more versatile.
New eVTOL project takes off with the ‘Flying Tiger’
Volkswagen Group China has launched a fully working prototype of their first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft designed to serve the future travel needs of Chinese customers.
Could this be a 35sqm answer to the housing crisis?
Compact space designer Nicholas Gurney, in partnership with Electrolux has unveiled a 35sqm hybrid micro apartment of the future – everything you need in a footprint equal to two standard car spaces.
Prawn shell nanoparticles create cement on steroids
Nanoparticles extracted from waste prawn shells are being added to cement to make concrete stronger in construction.
Jeames Hanley on how to equip our next generation of designers with skills in emerging technology to enhance innovation
Architectural design has come a long way from the days of hand-drawn sketches anddesigns. Thanks to technology, and its constant evolution over the years, our industry isnow more equipped than ever to provide high-level and complex designs that push the boundaries of what can be seen and achieved within the built environment.