“Having studied both architecture and landscape architecture, my first project was the Adelaide Zoo. This project was a great way to finesse my skills and develop a range of experience contributing to both the internal and external elements of the project,” says Ed Mitchell.

Holding a Masters of Architecture and a Degree in Landscape Architecture, Mitchell says that “Growing up and studying architecture in Adelaide, Hassell was a name synonymous with the architectural evolution of Adelaide. So many of my favourite buildings I had grown up loving and studying were designed by Hassell. Buildings such as the Festival Centre, the Colonel Light Centre, and the 1930’s Bank of NSW Building were among my favourites and still are.”

“On my first day I was welcomed to Hassell by ‘Mr. Hassell’ himself - David Hassell, who was the son of the original founder Colin Hassell, and was still working in the Adelaide studio. Gaining this experience from someone I looked up to was invaluable at that stage of my career,” he says.

He has also worked on a broad mix of architecture projects, such as the Melbourne Town Hall Refurbishment Project, ‘The Ribbon’ Commercial development in Darling Harbour, Adelaide Contemporary International Design Competition, and George and Otter Street Residential developments, successfully driving complex and significant city making projects.

Mitchell is a recent promotion as Hassell’s Melbourne’s practice leader for architecture.