According to Sustainability Awards judge and director of Envirotecture, the changes in his work routine have been both good as well as not so good.

In overall terms says Clarke nothing has changed, yet everything’s different. “Face-to-face meetings means a maximum two people, which is very limited, a bit awkward but people understand,” he says.

As for the new work paradigm, Clarke is not a huge fan.

“It’s lonely! We do a Zoom Coffee every morning with all staff, which helps. But those with school age kids are struggling to find the hours.”

As to what are some positive results of this lockdown working arrangement, Clarke says none yet. “A good time to divest commercial real estate investments. I think a lot of businesses are going to keep a portion of ‘work from home’ happening, which will ease demand on offices significantly."

"But working form home will never be a 100 percent substitute for face-to-face, especially in the creative industries where collaboration and teamwork is required,” he says.