Perth local Kukame McPierzie has joined Woods Bagot as Perth studio chair, taking a lead role in key transport, workplace and education projects. 

McPierzie, who was awarded the 2019 Western Australian Emerging Architect Prize for being “nstrumental in the design and delivery of ‘city changing’ schemes, says that “Being an architect is more than a job. As architects we have a responsibility to make places better and help facilitate meaningful and positive change for people and communities. That’s the challenge I’m constantly energised by.”

Announcing the appointment, Woods Bagot principal and regional executive chair (Australia and New Zealand) Kate Frear describes McPierzie as an exceptional leader and asset to the practice.

“Kukame’s liveliness and future-focussed aspirations for the Perth studio and beyond make him a tremendous asset,” Frear says.        

 “Joining Woods Bagot felt right as soon as I met the team. There’s a shared vision for where the company is going and a collective passion for design is infused throughout the global studio. Local experience and knowledge are enhanced by understanding and access to breadth of national and global expertise,” McPierzie says.

“The firm has a real soul. Combine that with the depth of knowledge gained from 150 years of design experience and the future feels bright.”

 “I’m interested in setting up a genuine dialogue. Collaboration and communicating clearly are vital to any project, helping us understand why we’re doing something. Understanding someone’s point of view clearly from the outset unlocks the rest of the process,” he says.

“Whether you’re teaching architecture, or designing it, empowering people to find moments of delight and communicate is what’s important. These moments are the difference between leaving a building feeling the same as when you arrived or feeling better for having been there.”