In order to realise his goal of proving that cutting-edge, sustainable design is commercially viable for developers, Oliver Steele has been busy pushing the boundaries, and doing the work that others aren’t willing or able to do, Steele is paving the way for the future of sustainable development in Sydney.

Throughout the process, Steele has shared his results and learnings with a public audience, through online videos, conference presentations, and public events and tours of projects, to ensure that the information is publicly available for everyone to use.

Steele has shared what he has learnt throughout the design and construction of his projects into publicly available, online videos. They focus on explaining technical and qualitative architectural concepts, and engage a wide audience of industry, students and interested laypeople. The video series’ foster a sense of appreciation for architecture, as well as technical advancement of the profession, through an accessible medium.

Further, Steele’s unique position as architect, licensed builder, and developer, means that he can incorporate bold and prototypical features and details into his projects. Examples include the innovative, custom-designed structural thermal breaks in The Fern, which use acoustic dowels, insulation foam, and FC sheets, in place of an oversized, expensive commercially available option; all the Passive House details at The Fern, such as Heat Recovery Ventilation and High Performance glazing; and the iconic sloping green roofs at 88 Angel Street.