Caroline Pidcock, director at Pidcock – Architecture + Sustainability, is one of our judges for this year’s Sustainability Awards. She is a member of the Living Futures Institute Australia, the Sacred Heart Education Ministry Boards, and an ambassador for the Al Gore Climate Change and 1 Million Women projects.

In the lead-up to the 2018 Sustainability Awards, we spoke to Caroline about sustainability and what she thinks this year's judging panel will be looking for.

What are you looking for as a judge?

I am looking for inspiring examples of how truly integrative approaches to design create really positive places for people to live, work and play in.

How much do you think sustainable design has changed over the past couple of years?

Fortunately the ambition of what can - and should - be achieved has grown and become more expansive. The leaders in this field realise sustainable building needs to consider so much more than just how much energy and water it consumes, and focus on how they can be positive and regenerative in many ways, both within and beyond the project boundary.

What do you think is the most pressing sustainability issue at the moment?

The need for really urgent and ambitious action is critical - right now. We should all be making the achievement of this our most important mission.

Do you think sustainability is still an add-on or should it be incorporated holistically?

Sustainability must be a whole of systems approach to building design, construction and operation. Add-ons are not sustainable and should not be judged as such any more.

Where do you see sustainable design heading in the next few years?

I  think beautiful, healthy buildings that produce more energy and water than they use, and create multi-sensory and meaningful connections with nature as the way of the future. As more are produced, people will realise how achievable and wonderful such a future can be.