Croatian company Solin, known for the world's first mass-produced smart bench called ‘Steora’, used by more than 2 million people every year in 56 countries, has announced the ‘Classic smart bench’, with core features that include a PV module, fast smartphone charging, ambient light and environmental sensors as well as being designed to be fully-modular, with the possibility to change the armrests, legs and other parts of the bench.

The company says the ‘Classic smart bench’ has been engineered to fit into many types of public and urban spaces, from historical places and parks, to city squares and other spaces.

The company has also released the next generation of Steora smart benches, known as the ‘City’ and ‘Cyclo’ models that are powered by advanced AI and that are designed for highly-frequented locations, thus creating a potential revenue stream and ROI with an optional smart outdoor advertising system.

The Steora Cyclo smart bench comes with smart chargers for e-bikes and e-scooters, together with an air compressor and high- quality tools kit, to cover the needs for users of bikes and other lightweight transportation vehicles.

Solin says that the Cyclo benches also come with adaptive fast charging, environmental sensors and are fully-modular with add-ons such as flowerpots.

Image: Supplied