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    The top 10 projects for 2016

    Hundreds of projects were added to the Architecture & Design website in 2016 and spread across our newsletters and social channels.

    They came from all corners of the country and were read by hundreds of thousands of people from all over Australia.

    The top 10 was judged on the amount of times the project was viewed by readers. Congratulations to the designers.

    To submit a project of your own for consideration please email [email protected] and request a project submission template. 

    Click on the title to go through to the project write-up and for more images/plans/documents. 

    1. Prospect House by Breathe Architecture 1-1-1.jpg
    Photography by Andrew Wuttke

    2. 30 Esplanade by Wood Marsh2-1.jpg

    3. Nikki Maloney’s House by Drew Heath Architects3-1.jpg
    Photography by Owen Zhu 

    4. Karri Fire House by Ian Weir and Kylie Feher Architect4-1.jpg
    Photography by Andrew Halsall 

    5. Emerald House by Fiona Winzar Architect5-1.jpg
    Photography by Richard Glover

    6. Marks Park Amenities by Sam Crawford Architects6-1.jpgPhotography by Brett Boardman

    7. Pyrmont Fire Station by Group GSA7-1.jpg
    Photography by Tyrone Branigan

    8. Aerocare office by Ellivo Architects8-1-1.jpg
    Photography by Mindi Cooke

    9. Brooke St House by Timmins+Whyte Architects8-2.jpg
    Photography by Peter Bennetts 

    10. Avalon House by Archiblox9-1.jpg
    Photography by Michael Wickham

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