The wait is over, and the moment we’ve eagerly anticipated has arrived  - the 2024 INDE.Awards Shortlist is here, showcasing the pinnacle of Indo-Pacific architecture and design.

Every year, the INDE.Awards shortlist signifies a significant stride in regional architecture and design. This annual announcement is more than a list—it’s a testament to a year of exceptional achievements and a glimpse into the vibrant ecosystem of the Indo-Pacific industry.

Spanning all realms of design, from commercial and residential to industrial design, interior design, and photography, the INDE.Awards shortlist delves into how designers and architects are innovatively addressing the challenges and aspirations of their communities.

Above: Harudot Chonburi byNana Coff ee Roasters, IDIN Architects. Image by DOF Sky|Ground.

The 2024 INDE.Awards, marking its eighth annual celebration, exemplify a region continuously making its mark on the global stage. With a rich and diverse materiality and increasingly thoughtful and collaborative design processes, this year’s shortlist showcases how the most creative minds are drawing on the past to shape the future.

The shortlist features some of the most remarkable projects, people, and products in the history of the program, but only one winner will emerge in each category. The live Gala Awards evening in Melbourne on Thursday, August 1st, 2024, will reveal the winners.

To review the full shortlist head to

Main image: Evelyn Jingjie Wong, JUJURWORK. Image by David Yeow Photography / JUJUWORK / Guo Zhe (Breeze Images) / HAS Architecture.