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However, we know it’s now harder to get to see and talk to people in person, but that does not mean in order to keep safe, you have to be disconnected. In fact, quite the opposite is true, thanks to technology.

Not only is our industry newsletter the only daily newsletter in the Oceania that services the architecture and design industry, we are also extremely proud that our print magazine is considered a pillar in the architecture and design community.

So, stay in, stay safe & stay connected with Architecture & Design.

Tips on how to remain connected and safe at the same time

  1. Call your friends, work colleagues and relatives regularly on the phone or over a messaging app on your computer.
  2. Also reach out and check on your neighbours and assist those who may be isolated or unable to cope.
  3. One idea is to create a Facebook group with neighbours, share how you’re getting on and ask other people how they are, share knowledge, skills and resources.
  4. Use video calls when you cannot physically visit work or industry colleagues. You can do this on any computer or smart phone using platforms such as SkypeZoom or Facebook Messenger.
  5. Don’t forget Linkedin – perhaps the best way to ensure your keep your professional network close to you and your situation.
  6. For all the latest industry updates, go to https://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/

Image: dribble.com