Qantas’ centenary year has been marked by a spectacular night time light and sound experience designed to delight, entertain, inform, and move at the Qantas outback museum at its Airpark precinct in Longreach, Queensland, the birthplace of the airline.

The 8000sqm Airpark roof was designed by NRA Collaborative and fully-funded by the Australian government ($11.3M) and will protect museum-goers and exhibits from the harsh outback sun.

The light show is stage two of the project and is supported by the Queensland Government ($3M).

The show projects onto 635sqm of Boeing 747, and was designed, directed and produced over 18 months by Buchan’s Brand Experience team, who spent over 11,000 hours to create the experience and another 2000 hours to install.

Buchan senior associate, Anthony Rawson, says, “It’s a privilege to be working for Qantas Founders Museum in the airline’s centenary year when so much of Qantas’ rich history is being re-told to new generations.”

Luminescent Longreach is projected under the museum’s new Airpark precinct which includes a Boeing 747, 707, Super Constellation and DC3.

John & Ros Moriarty, and Rachel Taylor from Indigenous design company Balarinji also worked on the project according to a Buchan press release.

Image: Supplied