A new light rail line running from Parramatta Road to Green Square via Central Station has been proposed by ALTRAC Light Rail, the consortium behind Sydney’s light rail network, with a view to revitalising Parramatta Road and better connecting Green Square.

ALTRAC, which designed, built, financed, and now operates the $3-billion CBD & South-East Light Rail line, has sent a proposal to the NSW Government to build a 11km long light rail line, which will comprise of a 6.5km section beginning at the Hawthorne Parade terminus, and continuing through Parramatta Road, Broadway and George Street to the Central Station interchange.

The Central Station to Green Square section will run for 4.5km along Chalmers Street, Phillip Street, Crystal Street, Gadigal Avenue, Defries Avenue and Zetland Avenue to the Green Square Station at Zetland.

The entire route will have 21 stops, and both light rail and motor vehicle traffic will be accommodated along the length of Parramatta Road and Broadway.

According to the proposal, ALTRAC will finance every stage of the development of the proposed new line, which means the NSW Government won’t need upfront capital to deliver this vital infrastructure for the Sydney community.

“Sydney’s existing light rail network has had a massive impact on the way people engage with the city. It has also attracted investment in places people want to work, live and play. This new line will support new housing, connect key workers to jobs, revitalise communities, and add an important new connection to Sydney’s public transport network,” the consortium states.

Since the start of the light rail network, the city has seen over $35 billion of development across 1,700 projects in the corridor, and put close to 725,000 jobs within a 5-minute walk of the L2 and L3 lines.

Given how the existing light rail lines are delivering positive outcomes for the city, ALTRAC is looking to replicate the success with the new light rail. The proposed light rail project will attract housing investment along the stretch, rejuvenate Parramatta Road, connect communities between Central Station and Green Square, and create a superior interchange experience for passengers at Central Station.

Following a preliminary technical analysis, ALTRAC says the proposed light rail line is feasible and deliverable. The consortium hopes to work with the NSW Government to deliver the vision of an expanded light rail network in Sydney.

Image source: ALTRAC