The national not-for-profit building specification organisation in Australia (NATSPEC), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the China BIM Union.

BIM is a tool for visualising and coordinating architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) work, and the China BIM Union promotes the coordinated development of BIM standards and software, in order to achieve standardisation and to improve the core competitiveness of those industries. 

The move to partner with global AEC entities has been a facet of China BIM Union’s growth strategy, so much so that today almost three out of every four construction projects in the US are believed to be using BIM technologies in order to realise cost savings on projects, while the UK has risen to become the undisputed BIM champion of the world, with aims to achieve 20 percent savings industry-wide construction procurement costs.

“This agreement between NATSPEC and the China BIM Union will be significant to the positive advancement of BIM and digital engineering, and its role in improving construction quality and productivity between Australia and China,” said Richard Choy, CEO of NATSPEC.