The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar designed by Hassell has 'popped up' in Melbourne's centre for the duration of The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival which concludes on 17 March.

The design is built around the existing red stairs in Queensbridge Square and took seven days to construct.

The ‘Victorian-Grown Tropical Garden’ has been provided by Melbourne-based nursery, Warner’s Nurseries while the design was done by an informal division of HASSELL- the Young Designers Group, made up of junior designers.

Warner’s Nurseries has provided approximately 24 different species of plants which aim to engage the public to think about the logistics of where coffee comes from.

The Farm and Bar has incorporated sustainability by looking at the origins of the materials used and also where the materials will end up after the festival.

125 coffee trees from a disused coffee plantation in New South Wales are in use for the Farm and have been sold on to someone in Victoria who will replant them.

Over 2000 tropical plants were used to create the 'jungle effect' and will be given back to the nursery which donated them.

The pallets, of which there are 1500, were donated to the festival and will be returned to the owner at the end of the festival and the shipping containers which make the undercover areas, were 'at the end of their life so this is their final destination'.

Warner’s Nurseries has provided approximately 24 different species of plants for the Urban Coffee Farm and managing director, Michael Warner said he was delighted to be involved in the Urban Coffee Farm, which he believes takes the concept of ‘greening our city’ to new levels.

“When we were originally approached by the Festival to see if we could help to create a tropical garden in Melbourne’s CBD, it was such a clever idea, so we thought why not take it one step further by showcasing species which could be easily replicated at home.

“So that’s where the idea for our ‘Victorian-Grown Tropical Garden’ came from - all of the plants we have used in the Urban Coffee Farm focus on lush green foliage which creates the tropical feel, but selected for the Victorian climate so they will perform in gardens at home,” he said.

Warner also said:

“Melbournians are passionate about gardening and green space, which is why we were so keen to come on board and be a part of this fantastic installation.

“Imagine walking to work as you do every day, only to be greeted by this huge tropical garden in the middle of the city…it’s already causing a stir among passers-by which goes to show how much we Melbournians love to push the boundaries when it comes to landscape design."