The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival have announced that Hassell are the designers behind the temporary pop up Coffee Farm and 'Brew Bar' for the duration of the festival.

The design incorporates the existing red stairs in Queensbridge Square and will also feature shipping containers; timber pallets and packing crates which aim represent the materials used in the logistics of the coffee trade.

In terms of sustainability, Elliet Spring associate at HASSELL and member of the design team on the project said:

"Once the Festival is over, some of these materials will go back to their original use again. Also, we’re minimising the use of any new materials and we’re not putting in any air-conditioning to save on energy- hopefully there won’t be too many hot days this March!"

The design team were inspired to create the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by the 'mysterious and exotic geographies associated with the source of coffee'.

"It brings to life the story about coffee, inspiring coffee drinkers to think about its origins, production and transport," said Spring.

The build will start approximately one week before the Festival and the Farm will be dismantled in the week following the end of the Festival, which runs from 1-17 March.

Image and video courtesy of Hassell