NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s director Open Space and Urban Canopy, Fiona Morrison, has announced the opening of new gated dog parks in Hebersham and Quakers Hill.

Morrison says the Department gave Blacktown City Council a $190,000 helping paw to open new off-leash parks at Heber Park and Paterson Reserve.

“This ensures our canine residents and their humans have fun places to explore beyond their home, where they can blow off pent-up energy, discover new smells, and frolic with friends,” says Morrison.

“Because there is nothing a dog loves more than being allowed off-leash to play with other dogs and explore.”

“These dog parks will help meet growing demand from residents moving into the area as a result of the Department’s planning for new communities.

“Blacktown City Mayor Stephen Bali said he was so pleased to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with the Department to give his community their 15th and 16th off-leash areas.

It’s great to have two new dog parks to choose from when I take our family pet, Snoopy, out for a walk. As a dog owner, I know that fenced parks are a must to ensure our beloved pets are safe and can’t run out onto the road,” Bali says.

The Department has also provided $100,000 to Campbelltown City Council towards a dog park in Baden Powell Reserve, Bradbury, and $60,000 to Canterbury-Bankstown Council for an off-leash area in Ruse Park, Bankstown.

The three local councils have also each provided funding contributions to the projects.

All four are fenced and they each have a bubbler with tap and dog bowl, bins, and signs explaining the do’s and don’ts of dog parks and are being delivered as part of the Department’s Accelerated Open Space and Parklands Program.