Brunswick Established, a two-storey residential project being developed by leading property developer Beulah will be the first heritage townhome community to implement circular living in the inner city Melbourne suburb.

Comprising 23 two-storey townhomes, Brunswick Established has been designed by the leaders in social and sustainable architecture, Six Degrees around the three core principles of circularity: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; and regenerating natural systems.

This circular ecosystem approach will benefit residents of Brunswick Established socially, economically and environmentally through lower energy costs and utility bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and the ability to grow their own produce, among others.

Emphasising the growing importance of environmental sustainability and the principles of the circular economy, Beulah executive director Adelene Teh said, “At Beulah, we are continually thinking about the future and how lifestyles and ways of living will evolve. While sustainability is the end goal, circularity serves as a crucial step towards achieving it by undertaking practices such as reuse, repurposing, recycling, and remanufacturing.”

Circular ecosystem

A healthy circular ecosystem in your home

Situated behind a beautiful heritage facade at 17-23 Hodgson Street, the site of one of the earliest clothing factories in Brunswick built in the 1920s, Brunswick Established will seamlessly blend sustainable practices with rich heritage elements. The project will recycle and repurpose up to 80 per cent of the existing building on site, which will include bricks to be used for paving, and salvaged timber repurposed into pergolas. The construction will also use only renewable power. Collectively, this will not only significantly reduce construction waste but will also actively lower the project’s carbon footprint and minimise embodied carbon from new materials.

Instead of gas and fossil fuels, the townhomes will be powered by a renewable energy system, with each home equipped with rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances, and EV charging facility. An edible garden and composting facilities will assist residents to grow their own produce.

“While the built environment industry is more environmentally conscious, there are still opportunities for further innovation, and now more than ever, developers and architects are taking initiatives to ensure that the projects they embark on leave a better footprint upon completion than before,” says Teh.

“Brunswick, as a suburb, values sustainability and is astutely eco-conscious, placing importance on durable and lasting design, which is intrinsically evident within the locale. In Brunswick Established, we aspire to explore how we can create the right infrastructure and framework to encourage future residents to live circularly and responsibly.

“It is particularly challenging to work with existing heritage buildings to transform them into sustainable homes that meet relevant standards. However, we believe in investing in thorough research and working closely with the best consultant team to create something unique with hopes of setting a benchmark for future townhome living," she adds.

According to Six Degrees director Peter Malatt, the design draws inspiration from the rich history of the site to integrate old and new, using their local knowledge of the area and commitment to social and sustainable design. “Brunswick Established is an exemplar of heritage, community and environmental sustainability and we believe this project will contribute to the surrounding community for years to come,” he says.

Beulah will be hosting a free community event on March 16 to raise awareness, specifically in the realms of design and sustainable living. The unique neighbourhood fair, set within an iconic heritage warehouse, will be held in partnership with Six Degrees Architects, Thank You, Great Dane and Australian Design Review as well as leading eco-conscious brands including Greenspace, Cirque du Soil, Hey Doodle, Secateur Me Baby, DNJ Paper and many more. Featuring thoughtful conversations, interactive workshops, and pop-up stalls, the fair will explore circular living and the future of sustainability.