1000 La Trobe Street will be Melbourne’s next smart building and a true building of the future.

Technology partner Schneider Electric’s brief will be to improve the 40,000sqm development’s operational and energy efficiencies while providing tenants with highly adaptable experiences.

1000 La Trobe Street is reported to be the only building in Melbourne’s CBD next year to provide new and large contiguous volumes of space.

A cloud-hosted EcoStruxure solution by Schneider is being designed for the project, to allow the building to scale in new digital services over time to meet tenants’ needs and ensure the 24-storey tower will be a building of the future.

Keith Miller, sales director Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric says that, “The Integrated System Platform will essentially provide a single view into the building’s multiple smart technologies. The connected and integrated technologies allow for significant sustainability insights, with the ability to easily manage and monitor efficiency as well as focusing on integrating emerging technologies in a way that is people-centric.”

“Covid-19 has emphasised the demand for smart and digitally connected buildings that make workplaces more dynamic, resilient, safe as well as efficient. The infrastructure at 1000 La Trobe allows for better digitisation of business practises and is enabled to support future technologies and initiatives,” he says.

Incorporating a range of cutting-edge property technologies, such as Building Management and Energy Management Systems, EV chargers and Building analytics, the solution will enable smart, measurable, and effective energy and building operations.

Schneider Electric says that its Integrated System Platform will ensure 1000 La Trobe will be “a truly smart building.”

Image: https://pdsgroup.com.au/