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    Eleven concrete coating products and their suppliers

    Nathan Johnson

    Polyurethane Methacrylate (PUMA) - the new concrete coating on the block
    Crack control coatings: elastomeric paints and precast concrete

    The major players for protecting concrete and other linings, outside of the basic acrylic sealers, are epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas and, more recently, polyurethane methacrylate (PUMA), and there are a host of companies in Australia that can offer versions of most.

    Generally speaking, epoxies are cheaper and have great resistance to chemicals, polyurethanes will flex with moving concrete and resist cracking, polyureas are quick drying, and PUMAs can be applied in extreme temperatures.

    While specifying concrete coating products may seem incredibly arduous, incorrect specification is worse and choosing the wrong coating can have horrible ramifications that are costly both in the immediate and long-term.

    Appropriately, concrete coating manufacturers will nearly always recommend you seek a coating specialist, usually one accredited to apply their product, before specifying and applying their product, particularly for use on concrete flooring.  

    Some considerations include:


    • Is it structurally sound, clean and free from curing components and laitance (a by-product of water in fresh concrete)?
    • Has it been properly prepared in terms of levelling, patching and roughing?
    • Has it been adequately cured? Some coating products need concrete to cure for longer in order to adhere properly.


    • Will it be exposed to chemicals? Which chemicals?
    • Will it be exposed to temperature fluctuations, heat from cleaning processes or low temperatures (refrigerators and freezers)?
    • What impact will it be subject to: high foot traffic, forklift traffic or any traffic with steel wheels?


    • How fast do you need to turn the surface around? Some products can be walked on within hours, others need days before they are fully cured
    • How difficult is your space to coat? Some products are easy to use in tight spaces and around drains etc. while others are sprayed on, need a lot of careful masking to address overspray and will “curl up” if not properly adhered around drains, crevices etc.
    • Maintenance: will it need to be cleaned regularly with chemicals, will it need recoating regularly?
    • Cost

    Below are eleven products available to the Australian market that are suitable for different applications. Most listed can be specified with non-slip, anti-bacterial or chemical-resistant additives. 


    peranSL.JPGPeran SL by Flowcrete Australia Pty Ltd

    Peran SL is a colourful, smooth gloss self-smoothing resin floor finish ideal for retail environments.

    Type: epoxy resin 

    Standout benefits:
    - Attractive and colourful floor finish
    - Easy to clean and maintain

    More info.

    epirez.JPGEpirez 733 by Epirez

    Type: Epoxy resin

    A 100 per cent solids ultra-high build epoxy-based coating, which provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance to steel and concrete. Will cure underwater, making it ideal for applications subject to tidal conditions.

    Standout benefits:
    - Good chemical resistance 
    Excellent adhesion to wet or dry concrete 

    More info.

    sureshield.jpgSureshield by Nuplex Construction Products

    Sureshield is a polyester based industrial grade floor topping system specifically designed for the food industry.

    Standout benefits:
    - Will not support bacteria or fungal growth (contains a microbial growth retardant)
    - Excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance

    More info.


    UCRETE-DP-Slip-Resistant-Floor-Coatings-from-BASF.jpgUcrete by BASF - The Chemical Company

    Ucrete uses a polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution.

    Type: polyurethane resin

    Standout benefits:
    - Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock
    Unaffected until temperatures of 130 degrees Celsius (at 12mm thickness)

    More info.

    bas130814_img02.jpgConiroof by BASF - The Chemical Company

    Type: polyurethane membrane

    BASF Construction Chemicals’ polyurethane coatings provide waterproofing membranes to protect roofs.

    Standout benefits:
    - Ability to withstand the loads imposed by landscaping and green roofs
    Seamless, monolithic waterproofing systems avoids weak spots caused by laps, welds or seams

    More info.

    Sikafloor-21N-Purcem2.jpgSikafloor-21 PurCem by Sika Australia

    Type: polyurethane resin

    Sikafloor-21 PurCem is a three part, water-based, self-smoothing topping suitable for floors subject to abrasion, chemical exposure and other physical aggression.

    Standout benefits:
    - Excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, fuel and hydraulic oil, aromatic and alephatic solvents
    Durable and resistant to abrasion and impact

    More info.

    hychem.jpgHycrete by Hychem International

    Type: polyurethane resin

    Hycrete PU-SL(m) is a polyurethane concrete product which is applied as a topping on concrete floors where difficult service conditions are the norm.

    Standout benefits:
    - Chemically resistant to acids, caustics, fats and cleaning solutions
    - Can be applied to 7 day old concrete
    Moisture tolerant and can be applied to a slightly damp surface

    More info.


    chemspray.JPGChemspray 790 by Grace

    Type: polyurea

    Two-part, high pressure spray applied, fast cure, hybrid polyurea waterproof membrane and protective coating. It provides a fast curing, high build, long-life protective coating to concrete on major civil, infrastructure and commercial construction projects.

    Standout benefits:
    - Unlike rigid coating materials such as epoxies, vinyl ester etc, resists post application reflection cracking in concrete.
    - Long-life – permanently flexible

    More info.


    ​Matacryl by Equus Industries Ltd


    Type: polyurethane membrane

    Equus Matacryl is a medium viscosity, urethane-modified, prereacted 100% solid membrane system based on acrylic monomers.

    Standout benefits:
    - Highly flexible with excellent crack-bridging characteristics even at extremely low temperatures (-20°C and below)
    Can be applied over a wide range of ambient and substrate temperatures

    More info.

    Deckproof by Hychem International

    Hychem Deckproof is a methacrylate modified Polyurethane membrane. This provides the excellent crack bridging characteristics of Polyurethane with the rapid cure and good interlayer bonding of methacrylate.

    Standout benefits:
    - The methacrylate cure system also allows the membrane to be applied at temperatures down to -10°C
    The applied membrane has excellent waterproofing properties, withstands stress and substrate movement and is highly impact and puncture resistant

    More info.

    Hycryl by Hychem International

    Hychem Hycryl is designed for use wherever epoxy and urethane cement flooring systems cannot be used due to insufficient cure period being available or the prevailing temperature being below the level where they cure satisfactorily. Ie. The chief advantage of methacrylates systems is their very fast return to service time and the ability to be applied below zero degrees.

    Standout benefits:
    - Low flammability, high odour and low resistance to solvents and hot fats
    - Good resistance to dilute organic and mineral acids

    More info. 


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