The high-performance CONIROOF waterproofing membranes and materials from BASF - The Chemical Company  were recently selected for use on the roof sections of Australia’s iconic Spirit of Tasmania I and Spirit of Tasmania II vessels.  

Captain Stuart Michael, General Manager of the ships’ owner operators, TT-Line Pty Ltd, commented; “The roof sections are constantly exposed to the elements - including severe storm conditions - and can end up covered with up to 15mm of sea salt.”  

“As such, our scheduled maintenance program includes periodically replacing the waterproofing membrane on the roof sections to ensure that we prevent any leaks from occurring,” he said.  

The unique multi-stage waterproofing process included an application of MASTERTOP P679 primer, followed by the application of over 5,000 lineal metres of MASTERFLEX 1500 adhesive-backed waterproofing tape across all of the joints along and between each of the 1.2m x 2m roof panels.  

With the tape in place, the next stage incorporated a spray-application of Conipur M810 waterproofing membranes, followed by a final roller-application of Conipur TC458 top coat.