Forget categories and sub-classifications. The Sustainability Awards' Best of the Best isn't about ticking boxes, it's about unearthing a true gamechanger. A project so groundbreaking, so fundamentally transformative, that it redefines what "sustainable" can truly mean.

Imagine a project that pushes the boundaries. It doesn't just adhere to existing sustainability principles; it challenges them entirely. It questions long-held industry norms, inspiring a ripple effect of innovation for generations to come. This – this is the essence of a Best of the Best nominee.

The Sustainability Awards recognize that environmental responsibility extends beyond mere preservation. It's about actively facilitating healing, fostering a symbiotic relationship between our built environment and the natural world. The Best of the Best award seeks the project that embodies this philosophy most profoundly.

There are no rigid parameters, no checklist of features. Just one simple, yet powerful, criterion: to be the absolute best. The kind of project that ignites conversations, inspires emulation, and propels the industry towards a more sustainable future.

This year, Autex Acoustics, a company synonymous with sustainable design principles, returns as the Platinum Partner and Best of the Best category sponsor. Their commitment to minimising waste while producing top-tier acoustic solutions aligns perfectly with the award's vision.

Their partnership extends beyond mere financial support. As the 2024 Event Partner, Autex Acoustics exemplifies the spirit of the awards. Their dedication to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals underlines their unwavering commitment to empowering architects and designers with the tools to build a greener tomorrow.

The Best of the Best award ceremony, steeped in history and a celebration of exceptional achievement, will be held in Sydney later this year. Do you have a project that redefines sustainability, a project that dares to disrupt and inspire? We urge you to submit it. This might just be the year your vision becomes the industry's blueprint for the future.