In recent years, the industry has seen an influx of interior acoustic products. However, while the acoustic product options are almost endless, not all are equal. For Autex, a company that has been developing polyester acoustic products for over 30 years, a crowded marketplace simply emphasises its position as leader.

Autex’s latest product range – Frontier™ – exemplifies everything that the company strives for and, once again, sets a new industry standard for performance, aesthetics and sustainability. Frontier™ is an innovative acoustic system, offering targeted sound absorption, countless colour and style configurations and stress-free installations. Available in Fins or Raft – a new, innovative three-dimensional design that delivers profound acoustic performance – Frontier™ elevates acoustic panelling from fixture to feature. Customers can choose from 18 colours, nine styles and multiple configurations to create either a bold design statement or a subtle finish, that blends flush to the ceiling.

‘Designed for disassembly’, Frontier’s™ innovative connector clip system and multiuse aluminium channels enable Fins and Raft options to be dismantled as quickly and easily as they’re installed – creating on-site efficiencies, as well as greater flexibility to reposition or reuse in future.

All Autex products, including the Frontier™ range, are made from highly-compressed polyester – a material that provides high acoustic performance, while being extremely lightweight, non-toxic and sustainable. When it comes to sustainability, Autex is continuously pushing the boundaries, ensuring that its polyester has the highest recycled content possible, without compromising on performance. This ambitious goal currently enables Autex to divert more than 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste into their products – the equivalent of 36 million plastic bottles a year.

As part of Autex’s commitment to creating healthy, environmentally friendly products, its polyester uses advanced fibre technology, instead of adhesives, resulting in low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In fact, all Autex products meet the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) standard for testing VOC emissions, as well as Health Product Declaration certification and is Declare Red List Free.

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