Many of the next generation of architects are given the tools throughout their Master’s degree to hit the ground running sustainably. The learning of how to build carbon neutral, how to utilise power and water systems and adaptively reuse elements ultimately helps to ensure the longevity of humanity. 

It seems right, therefore, to reward those who take the next step and make a major impact in the early stages of their careers. Enter the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer category at the Sustainability Awards, which sees the best budding architects nominated for a chance at taking out the prestigious award.

The award in 2022 will go to the most exciting sustainable architect/designer over the past 12 months who has influenced and changed the world of design by their drive for the environment.

david coates

2021 Category Winner David Coates.

The nominees are made known by their peers, who are asked to demonstrate how the candidate has provided leadership within the profession and has promoted the appreciation and advancement of the architecture profession on a nationwide scale. 

A project undertaken by the architect in question must be provided, that ultimately provides a clear picture as to how they or he/she understands the concepts of sustainability. It’s all about making an impression on the ground, much like the Category Sponsor.

Kaolin Tiles is the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer Category Sponsor for 2022. Providing an expansive range of finishes that mimic the world’s naturally beautiful landscapes, Kaolin are able to enhance the natural stone surfaces their tiles are based on thanks to their utilisation of state-of-the-art-technologies. The company’s tiles absorb less water, are far more chemically resistant than natural stone, and are crafted to stand the test of time.


While Kaolin is new to the Australian market, the company is partnered with Guanxing Ceramic, a tiling manufacturer from Foshan, the ceramic capital of China. Not only does this relationship give Kaolin the ability to tap into the processes, knowledge and craftsmanship of industry heavyweights, it also ensures they can operate a business that is fully sustainable. Producing approximately 32 million square metres of tile a year, Guanxing prides itself on being CO2 neutral, and their materials are 100 percent sustainable. The sustainable quality of Kaolin’s tile makes them not only an ideal choice for sponsoring the Sustainability Awards, but a logical choice for architects everywhere, both established and emerging.

The Sustainability Awards in 2022 will see 16 wide-ranging categories awarded to people, products and projects that look towards implementing sustainable design principles. Entries are open now, submit yours here!


Header Image: A project by David Coates, the 2021 Category Winner.