Public places are an essential space for so many different reasons and activities. They help to connect and refresh while often providing respite from the daily workplace routine. Public places are also highly accessible and evolve over time as communities and individuals enjoy the positive qualities of urban landscapes.

Yet these spaces involve more than sharply designed lawns, concrete or paving punctuated with vegetation. Street furniture in all its forms plays a vital role in rendering public places attractive, functional and user-friendly at human scale.

Street Furniture Australia is a noteworthy local manufacturer that understands the value and purpose of street furniture, and how it can help to animate public places. Led by directors Darrel Conybeare and William Morrison, Street Furniture Australia is a longstanding pioneer in the street furniture design movement in Australia. Their design partnership, spanning 40 plus years has significantly shaped public environments through their attention to how and where street furniture enhances urban and not so urban landscapes.

At a landmark moment, Conybeare and Morrison designed the Plaza Seat in 1978, and in response to growing demand for well-designed urban furniture products. In 1986 they established the brand Street Furniture to design and fabricate an emerging street furniture portfolio that would help to reflect a strong sense of place.

In their own words they talk about the need to “bring enjoyment to all those who create, build, maintain and use public places”.

Street Furniture Australia also talks about design quality and how this extends to environmental management and sustainability. Their measures and practices demonstrate a coherent and comprehensive approach to responsible design, waste minimisation and recyclability, repair and spare parts, and sustainable timber.

An indicator of formal company commitment to enhanced integrated management is in part reflected through Street Furniture Australia’s independently certified systems covering:

  • Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015
  • OH&S Management ISO 45001:2018 and AS/NZS 4801:2001

Local production is at the core of maintaining quality control and delivering environmentally improved street furniture products. The core range of products is manufactured in Street Furniture Australia’s Western Sydney factory.

However it is the serious attention to thoughtful design that underscores the company’s approach to product development and manufacture that speaks to safety, ergonomics, functionality, low maintenance and extended product life.

If the intent of Street Furniture Australia is to improve the quality of daily life of public citizens using public spaces, then the company’s commitment to durable products that enhance shared landscapes is to be admired and commended.

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