Nestled amongst the giants of our streetscapes are hidden gems – small, innovative commercial spaces that fuel the local economy with everything from charming cafes to cutting-edge startups. At the Sustainability Awards, we know these "small wonders'' deserve recognition, especially when they prioritise sustainability alongside style.

Every single one of us needs to do our part to fight climate change. That's why we, at Architecture & Design, are super excited to champion the brilliant architects behind these miniature marvels through the  Commercial Architecture (Small) category.

So, what qualifies as "small"? We're talking Class 5, 6, 7, or 8 buildings used for professional or commercial purposes, with a footprint of 500 sqm or less. Budget isn't a concern – what matters most is innovative, sustainable design that allows businesses to thrive while minimising their environmental impact.

2023 winner, the Delatite Cellar Door by Lucy Clemenger Architects, perfectly captures the spirit of the award. Designed to be not just beautiful, but downright eco-friendly, it generates more energy than it consumes, relies solely on rainwater, and even treats its own wastewater on-site. Talk about going green from the ground up!

Verosol is thrilled to be sponsoring the  Commercial Architecture (Small) category for the 2024 Sustainability Awards!  Since 1963, with the motto "creating a better environment" at their core, Verosol has been a champion for sustainability. They're dedicated to doing their part to combat climate change, aligning with the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

But Verosol's commitment goes beyond just creating eco-friendly products. Social responsibility is woven into everything they do. They work hand-in-hand with suppliers to prioritise quality, minimise environmental impact, and champion social responsibility – all to create a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

By sponsoring this award category, Verosol celebrates the incredible work of architects who design innovative and sustainable small-scale commercial spaces.  These "small wonders" are making a big difference, and Verosol is proud to support them!

If you've designed a small-scale commercial space that pushes the boundaries of sustainability, we want to hear from you! Entries for the  Commercial Architecture (Small)  award are now open. Don't miss the chance to showcase your work and be recognized as a sustainability leader. Head over to to get started and let's build a greener future, one small project at a time!