Products and projects are honoured at the Sustainability Awards, but categories such as Lifetime Achievement seek to honour the people behind both.

Eligible nominees will have made a significant contribution to the advancement of sustainable design in Australia. The award is open to those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to sustainability for more than 20 years.

This could include developing new sustainable building materials or technologies, designing sustainable buildings or projects, advocating for sustainable design policies and practices, or educating others about sustainable design.

Holding over two decades of sustainability experience, 2022 winner Chris Nunn is the first non-architect to be crowned Lifetime Achievement champion. The Head of Sustainability at AMP Capital Real Estate, Nunn’s expertise lies in corporate social responsibility, green buildings, renewable energy and environmental management systems, just to name a few.

Nunn believes that the concern of rising temperatures and emissions is the very notion of sustainability. To turn and face it is to design and act sustainably.

“We face real challenges and there is urgency. We need strong action or risk collapse and turmoil in our social and economic systems,” he says.

“Some people shy away from this kind of doom and gloom because it is debilitating or depressing. But for me, that is the essence of sustainability. We must look the challenges square in the face, understand them deeply, and then find solutions. 

If we shy away from the challenges or look away because they are too hard or too scary, we will not find solutions.”

Nunn’s outlook for our future is extensive, as evidenced in our recent Talking Architecture & Design episode, but here’s a snippet for you below.

“Sustainability has shifted from being focused on energy, waste, water, and transportation to also include human health and wellbeing, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, social justice, social impact, and community consultation,” he says.

“By 2032, most businesses will be net zero carbon in operation and across the entire built environment. This is entirely possible, cost-effective, and achievable.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award is sponsored by BlueScope, an Australian-owned company that is committed to sustainability. BlueScope integrates sustainable practices into all aspects of its business, from the way it manufactures its products to the way it sells them. BlueScope is an ideal sponsor for the Lifetime Achievement award given the importance it places on sustainability, as well as the individuals who are leading the way in this field.

To nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award, please visit the Sustainability Awards website.