Today we are delighted to announce that entries for the 2024 Sustainability Awards have opened!

With 18 categories for our 18 years, this year shapes up as the ultimate celebration of sustainability. Today, we hone in on interior design, and give credence to our Gold Sponsor GH Commercial and their wonderful team.

The intersection of interior design and sustainability sees style and environmental consciousness collide. It's about creating beautiful spaces that minimise our impact on the planet. Think efficient layouts, eco-friendly materials, and designs that keep energy use low.

This year's Sustainability Awards' Interior Design category is all about celebrating just that. It recognises refurbishments and fit-outs that champion sustainable practices. The category’s criteria stipulates that considerations for efficient utilisation of space, low environmental impact of construction materials, and a reduction in pollution, waste, and overall energy consumption are central to high-scoring projects.

Let's take a peek at last year's winner, 70 George Street by COX Architecture, which is pictured above.

These sustainability superstars went all-in on green choices. They used renewable energy, opted for recycled and low-impact materials, and even embraced a "circular economy" approach – meaning the design could be disassembled and reused later. Plus, healthy materials and clever ventilation strategies kept the air fresh and energy consumption low. They even swapped plane trips for video calls, outlining the dedication of both client and architect.

This year's category partner, GH Commercial, is another champion for sustainability. With over 150 years of experience under their belt, they're all about creating high-quality products with a conscience. From responsible manufacturing to a diverse and inclusive workforce, they're walking the walk when it comes to environmental and social responsibility.

So, the next time you step into a beautifully designed space, take a moment to consider its eco-credentials. And if you’re still here, please take the time to enter your project into the Sustainability Awards. We would love to see you on the big stage in November. Register here.