With over 50 years of our lives dedicated to work, we all hope to achieve something that recognizes our contribution to the industry we work in. Whether big or small, our achievements shape our legacies, influence the future, and become a cherished memory to look back on in later life.

The 2023 Sustainability Awards will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to its future winner, which aims to celebrate those who have made a world of difference to architecture and sustainability, inspiring higher standards and better practices in our daily lives.

This prestigious award is given to individuals, firms, or building product companies that have shown exemplary efforts in advancing sustainable built environments in Australia over a career of more than 20 years. The awardee can have made a significant impact through new product innovation, uncovering new knowledge, or creating designs with a long-lasting impact within the built sector.

The application process for the Lifetime Achievement Award requires candidates to provide a biography, including their life and times within the design industry, for full assessment of each candidate.

BlueScope, an Australian-owned company specialising in innovative steel materials, products, systems, and technologies, is the proud sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award. BlueScope integrates sustainable practices from top to bottom and is committed to manufacturing and selling steel products and solutions that benefit both society and the environment.

The Lifetime Achievement Award announcement will be a highlight of the 2023 Sustainability Awards, which will take place in November in Sydney. If you, or someone you deem to be deserving of the award should be standing on stage later this year, please register here.


Image: 2022 Lifetime Achievement Winner Chris Nunn.