Dick Clarke is the epitomisation of a sustainable designer. The Envirotecture Founding Director boasts some three decades of experience specialising in ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate buildings. His commitment extends beyond residences, encompassing sustainable design principles in vehicles and vessels as well.

“27 years ago I started Envirotecture. I did my first passive solar design job in 1978. These are just numbers now but feel so recent – which means the next 27 years will go by in a blink, and yet there is so much to be done to rescue this blue planet and the people who cling to its crust,” he says.

Dick's dedication to sustainability is further evidenced by his academic achievements. He holds a Master's degree in Sustainable Futures, focusing on the impact of government policies on the built environment's sustainability.  He actively contributes his expertise through various professional associations, including serving as Director of Sustainability for Building Designers Australia (BDA) and holding past president positions in both BDA and the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA).

Dick's influence extends beyond professional organisations. He has played a crucial role in shaping national sustainability initiatives. He participated in the Australian Government's "Your Home" design guide, providing valuable insights and ongoing content contributions.  His involvement with various government and non-government bodies further demonstrates his commitment to environmental progress.

Throughout his career, Dick has demonstrably championed sustainability in countless projects, from hundreds of residential dwellings to a 60-bed women's hostel in Uganda constructed with limited resources yet prioritising sustainability through local materials and renewable energy.  His work encompasses a diverse range of project sizes and types, including a concept design for an 18-story office tower and Western Sydney's first sustainable commercial building.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Dick Clarke's unwavering commitment to a sustainable future for Australia's built environment. His extensive experience, academic achievements, and dedication to education and industry engagement make him a true champion of sustainable design.

The Sustainability Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious honour bestowed upon an individual who has dedicated their career to advancing sustainable practices in Australia's built environment. If you know somebody deem worthy of being celebrated for their achievements over an extensive built environment career, we ask that you submit an entry here.