Transcending the 9-5 cycle and creating a legacy impact in the built environment is something we all aspire to accomplish throughout our professional careers. Each year, we aim to showcase the work of architects and designers that have done this for many years via the Lifetime Achievement category within the Sustainability Awards program.

More than just an award, it's a celebration. A celebration of individuals, firms, or building product companies who have woven sustainability into the very fabric of their work. They are the innovators, the knowledge-bearers, and the designers who have pushed the boundaries of what's possible within the built environment.

Their influence is far-reaching. Perhaps they've pioneered new materials that minimise environmental impact. Maybe they've unearthed groundbreaking research that guides us towards a more sustainable future. Or perhaps their visionary designs stand as testaments to beauty and functionality, seamlessly integrated with the natural world.

The journey to the stage begins with a nomination. A chance to share the story of a life dedicated to a greener tomorrow. A biography detailing the candidate's impact on the design industry will be meticulously reviewed, revealing the depth and significance of their contributions.

BlueScope, a frontrunner in sustainable steel solutions, proudly sponsors this prestigious award. Their commitment mirrors that of the potential awardees – a dedication to progress, to environmental responsibility, and to building a better future for generations to come.

The 2024 Sustainability Awards culminate in a glittering November ceremony in Sydney. The announcement of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be a momentous occasion, a chance to recognise a true sustainability champion.


Image: 2023 Lifetime Achievement Winners David Baggs and Dick Clarke.