There are a great many products in the world that claim to be sustainable. The unfortunate fact is that many contribute much less than they purport, and that can lead to distrust in markets (of all types, not just architecture and construction). So, it’s always worthy of pause when a genuinely sustainable product is launched - as is the case with EGGER’s Eurodekor 25mm range. The environmental headline for the release? The product comes with a carbon footprint of -13.8kg CO2/m2.

“The negative carbon footprint Eurodekor 25mm Super E0 décor faced MR chipboard builds on the current EGGER range stocked in Australia,” says John Dalla Via, National Manager for EGGER Decorative Product. “This extended range offers architects and designers more options to use in their projects, enhancing their design freedom. Not only does the EGGER range give a groundbreaking décor and design offers, it also brings the sustainability and transparency benefits of EGGER to ForestOne in Australia.”

EGGER’s Eurodekor range is a decorative chipboard product suitable for a range of purposes, from wall panelling in commercial applications such as retail and hospitality; to general purpose use in dry conditions, mainly for interior fittings. Eurodekor panels can be specified in 63 different decors from a total of 78, and they are available in a range of finishes from woodgrain to solid colours and stones.

“The 25mm range allows for the commercial furniture market access to products for their furniture designs - 25mm is used extensively in the commercial furniture market, which now allows EGGER to be fully part of their designs and market offering,” says John. This also allows the EGGER range to be extended with décors such as Soft Black U899 ST9.”

So, how is it that EGGER has been able to achieve such an excellent sustainability profile for this product? “The negative embodied carbon number is not the product of one single action, but rather multiple functions that add up to a great final result,” explains John. “Firstly, it’s a wood-based product that is made with 65% recycled – 23% post-consumer and 42% post-Industrial recycled – content. We also burn all wood waste through biomass to produce steam and energy, contributing to a reduction in fossil fuel usage across the business. There are also a number of other actions that contribute.”

The reference to ‘Super E0’ in the product name refers to the product’s incredibly low (0.3mg/L) formaldehyde content. John notes that this is also an important sustainability and wellness attribute that needs to be considered. “With one of the lowest formaldehyde contents in the particleboard and MDF categories in Australia this gives you a no VOC product. This adds to a healthy interior for indoor air-quality, especially in the confines of the commercial interior space.”

For architects and designers who are looking to specify products that are not only beneficial to occupant health, but great for the environment, the sum of these sustainability parts add up to a very attractive whole. “The product makes a substantial contribution to the current targets of Net Zero Embodied Carbon which is part of GBCA and future NABER certifications,” says John. “It helps with recycling content (most important being the post-consumer variable), responsible sourcing, indoor air-quality and carbon footprint.” He also notes EGGER’s credentials when it comes to reducing modern slavery.

So, when looking for a sustainable decorative product that does exactly what it says when it comes to environmental impact, it’s tough to go past the Eurodekor 25mm range. Available in Australia through ForestOne, it’s another feather in the well-feathered cap of one of the country’s leading sustainable timber suppliers.