Australia's varying climates and volatile weather patterns present increasing challenges in keeping buildings at a moderate temperature year round, which leads to heavy reliance on energy-intensive heating and cooling systems and adds an unnecessary cost burden to building occupants.

As a result, thermal performance is emerging as an essential point of focus in the drive towards sustainable construction practices. Superior thermal insulation can drastically reduce energy consumption, create more comfortable spaces for the occupants and minimise a building’s environmental footprint.


With more than 70 years in the industry, Bondor Metecno has been at the forefront of Australia’s insulated panel industry, with Metecno PIR, a Bondor Metecno group company, as Australia’s largest manufacturer and marketer of Factory Mutual Approved Polyisocyanurate (PIR) cored solutions.  Metecno PIR’s product range addresses the demand for superior thermal insulation head-on, delivering unmatched energy efficiency across a broad range of building applications. But first…

What is PIR?

PIR is a high-performance rigid thermoset high-strength foam core. Unlike alternate insulation materials, PIR is produced through a chemical reaction that creates a closed-cell structure. This structure traps air, significantly hindering heat transfer and contributing to PIR's exceptional thermal resistance in addition to being impervious to moisture. In fact, PIR delivers the highest R-values among common insulation materials, ensuring maximum thermal resistance and significantly reducing a building's reliance on heating and cooling systems.


Metecno PIR’s market-leading position is reflected in an extensive range of high-performing PIR-core thermal  insulation products. Drawing on global expertise with a range designed specifically for Australia’s distinct climates, the impressive product range offers a high-performing option for any project, any budget – and any design vision.

Premium performance in all conditions

With outstanding insulation, durability and weather resistance, the signature MetecnoPanel® is a versatile composite panel used for both wall and roof applications. With FM Approval, Codemark certification and cyclonic ratings, MetecnoPanel® can accomodate all anticipated weather conditions, which makes it suitable for even the harshest Australian environments.


Exceptional span for expansive spaces

Boasting the longest PIR roof runs in Australia, MetecnoSpan® provides exceptional thermal performance for large-scale roofing projects. FM Approved, MetecnoSpan® offers structural integrity, weather resistance and impressive span capabilities, which makes it perfect for expansive spaces, such as commercial and industrial roofing applications.


Unmatched design flexibility

Designed to bring greater design flexibility, MetecnoInspire® offers architects a wider selection of finishes and aesthetic options. In addition to maintaining the unparalleled thermal benefits of PIR core, MetecnoInspire® also offers an innovative concealed fix system making it an ideal solution for inspired facade or walling designs.


Affordable, yet reliable

EconoClad® has been tailored specifically for economical wall and roofing needs. This product line combines PIR core insulation with dependable performance, balancing cost-effectiveness, and functionality within commercial and industrial spaces.

Completing the range, Metecno PIR also offers rigid PIR insulation for specialised thermal insulation applications. This enhances flexibility for custom installations within soffits, walls, roofs, slabs and other building elements.


Boasting exceptional energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and CodeMark/FM Approvals, Metecno PIR’s insulated panels ensure both reliability and suitability within demanding Australian conditions. This impressive environmental profile is further augmented by the fact that Metecno PIR’s PIR formulations are manufactured with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), aligning with the global shift towards phasing out environmentally harmful substances.

With its unmatched thermal efficiency, design flexibility, and long-term environmental benefits, Metecno PIR’s core technology exemplifies the company's commitment to sustainable building practices. Architects, designers, and specifiers seeking solutions that go beyond energy code compliance have an engaging partner in Metecno PIR. The group’s high-performing PIR-core products can help lower heating and cooling requirements and introduce significant cost savings over the building's lifespan. Plus, the zero ODP formulations and a focus on long-lasting performance contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, underscoring environmental responsibility.

Metecno PIR’s core technology isn't just about insulation – it's about empowering a new standard of sustainable, high-performance building design in Australia.