Zumtobel Lighting’s  new ARCOS spotlight and wallwasher system is providing architects and designers with a complete range of spotlights for illuminating museums, art galleries and shops.

The variety of optics, light sources and accessories is ideal in the market. In close collaboration with the well-known architect David Chipperfield, a spotlight has been designed that focuses on what is essential.

ARCOS presents itself as a simple design with clear forms and contours: a purist cylindrical body – combined with a discreet insert for the control gear.

Direction of light

ARCOS always offers the right solution for a variety of lighting tasks. This is documented by the comprehensive range of optics available.

Lamp focus adjustment

The focal point of the light source can be precisely adjusted with an allen key. This compensates for tolerances of the lamp.


All ARCOS halogen versions can be dimmed directly through the control panel. Connection through DALI is of course also being provided.

Gear control

The black anti-glare shield reduces glare from the lamp and also minimises the stray light component. It is used with Spot and Superspot reflectors.