The Panos Infinity range of LED downlights, available from Zumtobel Lighting , features a minimalist design and a system efficiency of up to 77 lumens per watt, outperforming fluorescent lamps in lighting quality and efficiency areas. These luminaires are 70% more efficient than downlights fitted with conventional compact fluorescent lamps.

Panos Infinity LED downlights have a service life of 50,000 hours and a colour rendition index of > 90 that remains constant over the entire service life.

The light source is invisible due to the harmonious transition between LED lighting chamber and reflector, while the considerably reduced cover ring enables the downlight to blend smoothly into it surroundings.

Panos Infinity LED downlights are available with two diameters measuring 150m and 200mm for the Low (100mm) and High (140mm) recessed versions.
The Panos Infinity is DALI dimmable as standard.

More information on LED downlights is available from Zumtobel Lighting.