The Inergen gaseous system exclusively available from Wormald is an inert fire suppressant consisting of natural gases and capable of extinguishing fire without causing harm to people, property or the environment. 

Consisting of a patented composition of safe gases that naturally occur within the normal atmosphere including nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, the Inergen fire suppressant gaseous system is designed to overcome flames without affecting people.

On detecting smoke, the Inergen system actuates to suppress the fire before any significant damage occurs. The system smothers the fire by diluting the oxygen concentration in the risk area to a level that inhibits the fire while enabling people to breathe easily and evacuate safely.

The powerful fire suppressant is also people- and environment-friendly, as it is composed of natural atmospheric substances, which when released resume their natural role in the atmosphere. Very importantly, Inergen does not damage equipment.

Inergen fire suppressant gaseous system exceeds the requirements of Australian Standards AS ISO 14520.1-2009 and AS ISO 14520.15-2009 for Gaseous fire extinguishing systems.

Key features of Inergen fire suppressant gaseous system:

  • Dilutes the oxygen concentration within the risk area to a level that will not support the fire
  • Contains natural gases from the atmosphere with no pollution, ozone or global warming effect
  • Exempt from Federal Government regulations as there are no Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (SGG), or the equivalent carbon price levy
  • Does not form any corrosive by-products that can damage equipment in server rooms, data centres, medical facilities, laboratories or other sensitive electronic environments
  • Lower repair bills, less impact on business and safer environment for people