Available from Wormald , the FireTrace fire supression system is an automatic, pre-engineered system designed to be used in non-occupied, small or enclosed spaces, such those housing control panels and switchboards.

The FireTrace is a cost-effective, automatic fire suppression system that offers complete installation flexibility thanks to its stand-alone design and operation. There are no additional electrical or plumbing connections required, making it ideal for mobile, new construction, or retrofitting applications.

Utilising a pressurised flexi-tube delivery system to expel carbon dioxide gas to extinguish fire directly at the source, FireTrace can be installed virtually anywhere that a fire risk exists.

Clean, inert and unaffected by any residue, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are ideal for clean environments such as:

  • electrical switchboards
  • control cabinets
  • flammable liquid storage cabinets
  • laboratory fume cabinets
  • automatic teller machines
  • related products
  • fire extinguishers.