The Wood Flooring Association of Victoria (WFA) has one main goal: to ensure that property owners are offered the best possible timber flooring results by a group of professional installers who are dedicated to quality outcomes for their clients.

WFA are focused on benefiting its members, the timber flooring industry and property owners. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring a professional standard of work is maintained at all times.

Since it was formed, the Association has been successful in establishing a system of member assessments to ensure that all members are able to offer professional standards in all aspects of their work.

Members are provided updates and information on new products, technological advances and effective industry methods when it comes to timber flooring.

Furthermore, WFA members are objectively assessed for their professional standards and workmanship as part of their membership obligation.

Making the most of professionally installed timber floors
The WFA have provided a checklist on what property owners can expect of professionally sanded and coated timber flooring by a WFA member:
  • quality sanding and coating techniques
  • all visible nails are punched and filled using appropriate colour timber putty
  • nail holes, knot holes and gaps at the end of boards and be filled with appropriate filler
  • black japanning or stain around the perimeter of some older timber may produce a finished floor with a two-tone effect
  • floor movement is quite normal and to be expected due to timber naturally expanding and contracting
  • some lighting, particularly down lights will produce a visible, fine, circular scratched effect on the floor
  • some slight markings on skirting boards from contact with the edger machine
  • any silicone and other products on a floor may cause rejection with subsequent coats of polyurethane

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) from Timber Floors Sydney's Flickr photo stream.