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Wonderful Kitchens has more than 30 years experience in the kitchen design industry and offers some top tips for better kitchen storage.

Considerations should be given to what actually needs to be stored in the kitchen, and the space can then be divided into storage areas according to use. It should also be considered how often each of these storage areas is accessed and the more commonly used items should be readily available and within easy reach just above or below bench height.

The key to planning clever and effective kitchen storage is to focus on how someone gets around in the kitchen. Items used least often should be placed at the highest and lowest points in the kitchen and those items used even less often can be stored outside the kitchen.

Kitchen storage doesn’t necessarily mean only cabinets and drawers; it can also include hooks, racks, containers, and drawer dividers. These items offer a cost effective way to enhance kitchen storage areas.

Another method of planning storage areas is to base it around the height of the person who uses the kitchen the most, which helps that individual avoid bending and stretching.Additionally, installing fully extending drawers and pull-out systems helps to prevent kitchen users from having to delve into the cupboard.

Good lighting is also an important factor when planning kitchen storage so that kitchen users can see into the back of cupboards and drawers. Under-cabinet lighting strips can also help to brighten up benchtops. Lights that turn on automatically when a cupboard door is opened can also be considered.

Wonderful Kitchens uses BLUM kitchen hardware products including the range of soft close drawers, doors and lift up systems.