Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand  (WFAANZ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the standards of product and installation of window films in Australia and New Zealand.  

From 1 November 2010 most sellers or lessors of office space of 2,000m² or more will be required to obtain and disclose a current energy efficiency rating. This requirement forms the basis of the Building Energy Disclosure Bill 2010, passed in Federal Parliament in June this year.  

The Commercial Building Disclosure or CBD program was designed to encourage the construction of new energy-efficient commercial space, and the introduction of advanced energy-efficient measures in existing buildings.  

Glazing plays a pivotal role in the energy assessment of a building. The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the use of architectural glass, which has exacerbated the problems of heat gain and wasted energy.  

Window film can address these issues while improving the energy rating of a building, and as such will become a viable solution to builders and project managers once the CBD program takes effect.  

Rob Hamilton, President of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand comments, “As a retrofit window treatment option, window film has long been recognised as a major player in the push for environmentally-friendly building practice. Its commercial applications are compelling, especially in light of the new energy disclosure requirements.”    

Advances in solar control window film mean that some films have better solar protection properties than glass.  

Rob comments, “Case studies show that air conditioning usage has been reduced by as much as 30% after the application of window film. This creates energy savings and less pressure on the conditioner unit.”  

Windows without film can account for up to 87% heat gain inside a room. Window film can reduce up to 99% UV radiation, 79% total solar energy and 90% glare while letting in natural light.  

Rob concludes, “The existing need for superior energy efficiency measures will only be compounded by the introduction of the commendable Building Energy Disclosure Bill. The window film industry will contribute to the program by providing a cost-effective solution for those seeking an improved energy rating.”