Two short videos from the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) are helping homeowners make an informed decision on selecting window film.

The first video titled ‘Window Film – more than meets the eye’, explains the different types of films available and their benefits, while the second video, ‘Preparing for your window film’, lists factors to consider once the decision to install film has been made.

WFAANZ President Ally Cronan explains that a clear understanding of the many uses and applications of modern window films will assist homeowners make the right selection for their specific needs. The right film can positively contribute to a building's energy rating and thereby increase its market value. The new WFAANZ videos aim to minimise the guesswork and legwork for homeowners so that the entire film selection and installation process is simplified while ensuring effective outcomes.

Window films offer multiple benefits to a home from saving energy, improving comfort, minimising glare and UV, and reducing fading to bolstering security and safety. The window film is the preferred option for the environmentally conscious who want to enjoy the view and are aware of the impact untreated windows can have on energy consumption.

WFAANZ is a non-profit industry body representing the window film industry in Australia and New Zealand. Association members abide by a strict code of practice that incorporates all relevant Australian and building standards. WFAANZ works alongside the Australian Window Association in the management of the Window Energy Rating Scheme for Film, and offers an independent accreditation and training program for professional installers.