Centro Warriewood recently commissioned TintFX to install solar control window film on a 40m skylight and two pyramid atriums in their building.  

According to Tim O’Sullivan, Operations Manager at Centro Warriewood, their large rooftop atriums filled the centre with bright natural light.  

Unfortunately, along with the light, the skylight also let in considerable heat and UV radiation, causing the energy consumption to rise since the air conditioner had to compensate for the heat gain.  

He added that it made sense to block the heat at the source instead of letting it in and then paying to cool the indoor atmosphere.   

Rising electricity costs and new government regulations are making building managers and home owners adopt green building materials to reduce energy consumption.   

Local window film installer, Aaron McCarthy, TintFX was commissioned to install the solar control window film. As film is applied to existing glass, it is easier, less expensive and more environmentally friendly than buying new windows or skylights.  

About 200m² of solar control window film was installed over a period of nine nights when the centre closed. A boom lift was used to reach the atriums, where the window film was installed.  

Aaron says that solar heat gain is a bigger problem on horizontal or sloped roofs than it is on windows due to direct exposure.  

In fact Aaron has been asked by a number of shopping centres, buildings and homes recently to tender for rooftop jobs.    

He adds that the window film used on the atriums at Centro will block up to 80% total solar energy, up to 99% UV radiation and 90% glare while allowing the light to pass through. In fact, the solar control window film is almost invisible.  

Tim O’Sullivan lists out the discernable results following the window film installation:  

  • More comfortable food court, according to patrons  
  • 10% reduction in energy bill for the winter quarter, with more energy savings expected in the summer
  • Energy savings will enable the window film to pay for itself quickly
  • Sustainability benefits that will help reverse any negative impact the building has on the environment

Window film can be used on any glass surface to control heat gain, increase safety, security and privacy as well as protect interiors from UV damage.  

TintFX is a member of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ).